Measure the maximum length and width at the rooms' widest points, (measure to the back of the doorframe to allow the carpet to be fitted into the door).

Multiply the width measurement by the length measurement to give you an idea of the total square metres required. (Carpet prices are per square metre).
e.g. 2m x 4m = 8m²

To work out an approximate price take the square metre price e.g. £26.00 and multiply it by your total square metres. £26.00 x 8m² = £208.00

If the room is not a regular shape measure the size of any indentations e.g. Fireplace. This is important so that all waste can be utilised ultimately reducing the cost.

Draw out your room with the dimensions on, this will help when planning your budget and allow you to buy the best quality carpet you can afford.

This will also help when planning the most economical way to use the carpet, which can be available in different widths.

Follow these measurements to ensure you get the best estimations for your flooring:

Measure length (1) x width (2)
Important so the correct number of repeats or length is calculated

Measure any indentations (3 and 4)
E.g. fireplace, bay window ,this is important so all waste can be utilised, ultimately reducing the cost

Measure to the 'back' of the door frame (5)
It is important to allow enough carpet to be fitted under the door threshold

This is only a guide for your own estimation, please consult your retailer or qualified carpet fitter for a final measure.

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