Cut pile carpets sometimes show a shading effect that appears as light and dark patches due to different pile direction.

This effect can be exaggerated by such things as room lighting and certain types of traffic across the carpet.

Shading is a natural phenomenon which cannot be totally eliminated in the production process and is therefore not considered to be a manufacturing fault.

Plain carpets especially velvet piles, tend to be more subject to pile reversal or water marking. Water marking is the result of permanent pile reversal in localized areas. Watermarking provides the appearance of a wet surface in darker shaded areas. The shape of these areas may appear irregular, which reinforces the appearance of a wet area. This is considered a normal occurrence for plain,velvet and carpets with very little design covering, and is not considered a manufacturing defect. The occurrence of water marking may be the result of local conditions or other unknown causes. In previous examinations, products that have been replaced with similar problems develop watermarking in the same areas, suggesting local influences

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