Here, we will detail various methods of cleaning up spills and stains that you may come across.

Overall cleaning methods for quality carpets:

Solid residues should be gently removed by scraping with a knife.

Greasy residues can be treated with an oil/grease remover sprayed onto an absorbent cloth. Blot frequently but do not rub.

Liquid spillages should be blotted up as far as possible with a clean, white cloth or absorbent tissue. Then use a 'woolsafe' approved shampoo solution or trouble-shooter spray for upholstery and carpet. Moisten the area of the stain and then blot thoroughly with clean tissue or cloths. Repeat as necessary and allow to completely dry before walking on the area. A wet suction vacuum cleaner can also be used to remove spillages and the troubleshooter spray from the carpet. Do not use water in the machine, however, as you do not want to over wet the carpet.
It is very important to clean up spillages as soon as they occur.

Interim cleaning methods:

Absorbent Powder - Suitable for use on most carpets

With this system impregnated compound, the powder is spread evenly over the surface of the carpet and brushed in with cylindrically rotating brushes. Once the powder is dry it is vacuumed up using a very strong vacuum cleaner.

Dri Foam (cylindrical) - Suitable for use on most carpets

A low crystallising shampoo solution is fed from a container onto cylindrically rotating brushes, which are closely followed by an extraction device. Once dry thorough vacuuming is required to remove the dried residue from the pile.

Dri Foam (rotary) - This system is not recommended for any carpets

Based on the floor buffing system, with slower head rotation, either rotary brushes or absorbent pads are used. The shampoo solution is applied to the machine pads or sprayed onto the surface of the carpet and the machine is moved over the surface. The treated pad absorbs soil from the carpet and holds it until the pad is next cleaned. Unfortunately, this system has a roughening and flattening effect so is not considered suitable for any carpet.

Deep cleaning:

Hot Water Extraction - This system is suitable for use on Carpets

This is generally considered the most effective method for overall cleaning of carpets. It is a spray and extract system using a weighted head tool or one with integral cylindrically rotating brushes. Shampoo solution is sprayed into the pile of the carpet and vacuumed back into the machine by the vacuum head, which pass immediately behind the sprays. The Big Red Carpet Company recommends the use of Woolsafe Approved Operators and Chemicals for the professional removal of stains.

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