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Britain’s love affair with jute started during the British raj in the 19th Century. The industry quickly grew to such a size that ‘Jute Weaver’ was a recognised trade occupation in the 1901 UK census – but this had largely ceased by about 1970 due to the appearance of synthetic fibres (we promise that’s the last time you’ll read that phrase on this website). However, we like to think we’ve played our part in the material’s resurgence.

The monsoon season sees an explosion of stately green stems with our name on them across the Mahanadi Belt in the Orissa region. Its fertile coastal aspect, we feel, adds a unique textural quality to the strong fibres. At this point, it can be eaten, as it’s actually very nutritious. But we prefer to ret it (immerse it in slow-running water) and then strip it in time-honoured style before weaving it into stunning, long-lasting designs that feed your imagination instead.

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