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While we also source from Brazil and China, the sisal plantations amid the red-stained outcrops of southern Tanzania are a special sight to behold. Acre upon acre of architectural, sword-like leaves thrust up to the unrelenting sun in garrison-like clusters under the watch of Mount Uluguru.

The plant is one of nature’s true survivors – evolved to thrive in a punishing climate that brings as little as a centimetre of rainfall in summer. And when we harvest it, we punish it some more. Each bayonet is stripped of its pulpy flesh, which is then dried for 30 days in the scorching heat until every last drop of moisture is expelled in a process that hasn’t changed for almost a century, eventually yielding around 1,000 highly durable, malleable fibres.

In times gone by, these would be used to create twine – strong and resilient enough to anchor a ship to the harbour bed. Now sisal is set to bring long-lasting grace and a slice of exotic intrigue to your hallway, sitting room or bedroom.

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