Rols Carpets Luna is an eco-friendly tip-sheared carpet created using plastic waste recovered from the world’s oceans and marine industries. Woven in a loop pile Wilton structure, Luna’s richly textured surface is a random mélange of cut & loop yarns, created by minimal differences in height of the individual tuft points, the higher of which are cut during the tip shearing process. Very soft to the touch, Luna’s revolutionary lustrous recycled nylon fibers reflect light like fine silk or cellulose fiber such as viscose, giving the carpet surface a delicate shimmering aspect so favored in modern contemporary interiors. The combination of the woven structure and highly engineered nylon fibers offer superior durability and performance making Luna suited for light commercial applications such as hotel rooms or executive offices. The Luna collection is available in 12 on-trend colors, for installation as a wall to wall carpet or as an eye-catching made to measure rug.

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