The Premier Double Z9 uses a base material of solid brass for a high-quality installation. (9mm Gap Between Top And Base Plate For Standard Carpet). Available lengths: 90cm, 180cm and 270cm. Fitting Instructions - The DoubleZ can be used for carpet to carpet or by peeling off one side, it can be used for carpet to a hard floor up to about 13mm in height. Includes 3mm MDF spacer 40cm long. Cut in short lengths and place under nail holes to raise base.

Score along the peel line with a Stanley Knife and peel away with a pair of pliers. The DoubleZ bar will ‘nap’ down about 2-4mm to give the carpet a firm grip on the pins. Used as a Z bar, the trim should start a few millimetres above the height of the hard floor to allow a 2-4mm ‘nap’ down. For higher hard floors (above 13mm) consider the use of Easyshims to raise the carpet. Use a block of wood wrapped in carpet and then gently hammer down the trim making it level, never at an angle. Use the MDF strips provided to raise the base 3mm to allow optimum hold on the pins.

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